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Provides online forecasts and real time trading signals for the four major trading currency pairs: EUR/USD, USD/JPY, GBP/USD and USD/CHF with entry and exit positions directly to our customers. Signals can be watched in real time online with sound alert (demo), and be received by email, Yahoo, ICQ, AIM (AOL), MSN Messenger, or SMS. You can see examples and demo of our forecasts/signals, the current daily/evening forecasts, and weekly outlook. Key Points

1.) Twice a day, 12 hours ahead Forex forecasts, plus Forex news, updates and overviews which affect the foreign exchange trading.
2.) You don't prepare any strategy plan for the day trading. We make all that and send it to you.
3.) You can stay at the comfort of your office or home and wait for our entry and exit signals to start trading, with data where to Take Profit (TP) and Stop Loss (SL) for your order.
4.) You will receive breaking news, which could affect the Forex markets.
5.) You will receive urgent news connected with information for the new Forex movements and new Forex changes during the trading day.
6.) Our analysis are the most competitive and contemporary, based on tens of technical indicators carefully studied in periods of 1 minute, 5 minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, 4 hours and 1 day graphics. Except for the technical data, our analysis include the fundamental analysis and the geopolitical preparation of the dealers for the trading day.
7.) You will receive all that information directly to your email address at the very moment.
8.) You can chose to receive the entry and exit signals, the breaking news and the urgent news directly to your email.
9.) You can ask your questions for online Forex help and advices.
10.) All our services are offered at the lowest prices compared with the other online Forex services. 11.) Our services are suitable for a set and forget strategy, as well for active trading whenever you have time to stay online. Review


iForex provides real time signals on the currency markets. They are the premier supplier of Forex signals in the world today. If you consider signals as a leading indicator of which way the currency markets are heading then not utilizing this service could prove to be a substantial mistake. This is a fairly expensive product and is really not suitable for the beginning trader as some of the signals you receive require advanced trading skills only learned through years of experience, which is the only reason it did not receive a perfect rating.

Forex Trend System

Forex Trend System Product Description


The Forex Trend System catches the major swings in trend and lets you know when it is time to follow the trend or when is about to come to an end. The trend is a manual indicator that identifies changes in trend and allows you to capture the major market moves. It has been designed for MetaTrader 4 trading accounts. You receive audible and email alerts of potential trade setups and are able to program aggressive & safe-trading options. In addition you are able to adjust the system for longer or shorter trades. One of the few downsides we found with this product while experimenting with it was that we found it worked best when trading the GBP/USD, as opposed to every set of currency trades possible. The system is made up of three trigger lines which tell you when to buy and when to sell. To simplify that one color will tell when to buy and one color will tell to sell. It will alert you to the beginning of a trend, and will also signal when the trend is coming to an end.

Forex Trend System Key Points


1) The Forex Trend System is a manual indicator that identifies changes in trend and allows you to capture the major market moves
2) It has been designed for MetaTrader 4.
3) The system is made up of three trigger lines which tell you when to buy and when to sell.
4) It has proven to be highly accurate, especially when allied to the best time frame, currency and time of day.
5) Not every trade is a winner, but historically losses have been much smaller than wins.
6) No complicated manuals or confusing strategies to learn.
7) Buy on blue, sell on red.
8) Adjust the system for longer or shorter trades.
9) Works best with GBP/USD.
10) Choose from aggressive & safe-trading options. 

Forex Trend System Review

The Forex Trend System is a Trend based software which focuses on the short term direction a currency is moving and is rated as a High Top Tier Product. It is not to hard to determine a trend after a week or so, but this software is somehow able to get you in the market very close to the beginning of the trend line and out of the market very close to the end of the trend line. Which is the principle reason its profits margins were so good. The product final rating came out with full marks. Although is user interface is not the most customer friendly the consistent and high ratios we were able to developed more than made up for it.

Supra Forex

Supra Forex Product Description

Supra Forex is an online piece of software, unlike the vast majority of the other Forex Trading Systems, which are usually downloaded to your computer. Which means you are able to use it when you are traveling, since to use the Supra all you need is an internet connection. The package will inform you of your entry and exit points in the form of signals, in addition to revealing where you should place your stop loss as well as the break-even point. It does not focus on complicated indicators but its own time tested formulas.

Supra Forex Key Points

1) It's an easy to use online software.
2) Supra Forex isn't a Metatrader EA.
3) It tells you exactly when you should buy and when you should exit a trade.
4) It tells you where you should place your stop loss as well as when you should move it to the breakeven point.
5) It doesn't use any complicated indicators.
6) It's suitable for beginners, intermediate and advanced traders.
7) It can be used for any currency pair.
8) It can be used anywhere in the world. You just need internet connection.
9) It includes free upgrades for life.
10) You don't need any special platform to use Supra Forex. The software works with any charting package of your choice.

Supra Forex Review

Supra Forex is a Signals based software and is rated as a High Top Tier Product. I tested the software structure and trading scheme for quite a while and I found it produced consistently high profits over an extended time.

It is one of four Forex trading systems I PERSONALLY use everyday investing and trading the market. Which pretty much says it all. I have tested seemly 100's of these products and without question Supra does an exceptional job of sending out winning SIGNALS more often than any other software package you can utilize at the present time.

The name of the game is making money and to optimize your capital gains you need these signals to know when to get in and when to get out of the FX market. Other wise you are behind the investment curve and buying when others are selling, taking there profits and moving on to new opportunities.

This is how I make my living as a professional currency trader. If I have tested 100's of currency software trading systems and only use four of them, what does that tell you? Therefore, Supra Forex certainly receives my highest recommendation possible. If you do 1/10th as good I have over the years with it you will be one happy person.

Forex VPS review

If you want to run a Forex robot, then you absolutely must have a Forex VPS. What is a Forex VPS? A Forex VPS is a solution to a problem that many automatic traders have. The problem is how do you keep your Forex robot running 24 hours a day without the computer crashing and missing trades? Some robots even have programmed stops as opposed to set stops which means if your robot was ever down and misses a stop, you could lose a lot of money.

Trying to run your home computer 24 hours a day so that your Forex robot can trade properly is an almost impossible task. The wife needs the computer, the kids want the computer, the power goes out - there are numerous reasons why it is very difficult to run a Forex robot on a home computer. This is where a Forex VPS can solve your problem.

A Forex VPS is an online server that is specifically configured to run MetaTrader 4 all day everyday with 99.9% uptime. I have searched the Internet and I have only found two quality Forex hosters. The rest really aren't even worth mentioning, they lack the professionalism that this company provides.

Forex VPS provides you with top-of-the-line Windows-based servers, professional service and support, as well as a server that is compatible with all trading brokers. They are a very large company so their technical support is top-notch and they have been in the hosting business for many years. The best part of Forex VPS besides their quality service is their starter package that starts at a mere $35. They also have the standard package that you get with Forex Hoster for $65 and a large package for professional traders starting at $115.

Forex Assassin

 Forex Assassin Product Description


The Forex Assassin is based on following the four steps below.

Step 1: Each Saturday you extract exact prices from the market.

Step 2: You take those numbers and plug them to the Forex Assassin formula.

Step 3: The formula immediately calculates out exact entry, take profit and stop loss prices.

Step 4: You set the orders with your broker.

The software was developed on the following premise; “that the most successful and easy to implement Forex systems are the ones that are the easiest to trade and are 100% mechanical.”

Forex Assassin Key Points

1) It is a 'price driven' system. In other words, uses absolutely NO indicators whatsoever.

2) Can be used by even the most inexperienced traders. The system is so easy to use that even if you have never traded Forex before you will be on your way in less than 5 minutes.

3) Has been proven to generate as much as $800 from a single trade.

4) Over 1500 Forex traders have already taken the class and learned formula.

5) It is an easy to implement Forex systems and is 100% mechanical.

6) The simple formula is a reflection of what the developer has learned throughout a long period of trial and error.

Forex Assassin Review

This a Formula based software ingenuous programmed requiring you to enter data in a specific section of the software and is rated as a Low Top Tier Product. The Forex Assassin made consistently profitable trades during testing. The core reasons it did not receive a higher rating was it depends on you entering the data yourself, which of course could possibly lead to human error. This caused it to lose a few points in the ease of use, but the Forex Assassin still made our top list because of its profit ratios per trade were at the high end of the range. In the future, if an upgrade of the software is introduced which does not require human intervention this product should see a significant jump in its rating level.

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