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By connecting people, places and things, Vodafone Business helps organisations succeed in a digital world. With our expertise in connectivity, our leading IoT platform and our global scale, we can deliver the results you need to progress and thrive. Find out how we’re helping businesses of all sizes and sectors connect for a better future.

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The Digital Workplace
Becoming a digital workplace transforms your business. See how Vodafone can help.

Making work simpler and more productive in a digital workplace

Connecting your employees

A digital workplace is the next evolution in the way we work. It isn’t a physical place, but rather an approach to carrying out and delivering work. It’s being driven by massive changes in the technologies available to us as employers and employees, as well as the demographics, habits and preferences of our increasingly diverse workforce. It’s also a way to attract and retain top talent...

Employees of all ages and roles expect to be able to be productive from anywhere, at any time, and to use new technologies to access the data, people and systems that they need.

Enabling a smarter, connected digital business

Being able to adapt to what’s happening today, while also preparing for tomorrow – particularly to keep pace with advancements in technology - means operational agility is paramount.

Your communications infrastructure plays an integral role in helping your business to adapt and deliver a quality service to your customers and employees. Deploying new services and apps at speed, enabling your teams to collaborate from anywhere, scaling up as demand as you expand across borders, keeping your business data secure – all this requires a network that is secure, flexible, agile and able to respond to whatever comes your way.


Better customer engagement


In a digital world, where customers are becoming more connected, technology can drive true competitive advantage. Communications and mobility technology used innovatively can transform customer experience, radically improve business processes and develop new products, services and business models.

With on-premise and cloud-based contact centres, you can integrate customer channels such as text message, webchat, email and social media. Or streamline complex customer processes (such as mortgage or credit card applications) using mobile, text message, email and online automation.

Through the Internet of Things (IoT), you can turn previously “unconnected objects” into “intelligent business assets”, allowing you to create new products, insights and business models. Connect together your key business assets – whether they are cars, trucks, vending machines, security cameras, devices, pallets, shipments, or even virtual things such as money or business data – the list is endless and only really limited by your business imagination.

Did you know?

Wherever you’re based, we’re there

Around the globe, our network reaches 184 countries.

The complete package

We provide the underlying transport network, the virtual overlay, and the platform to prioritise everything.

We are leaders

Gartner names Vodafone as a Leader in its 2022 Magic Quadrant for Network Services, Global.