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Maritime mobility

With Vodafone’s maritime mobility solution, you leverage speed, capacity & cost advantages of our global 4G network

We help maritime businesses to ensure their vessels, passengers and crews are intelligently connected. Our 4G/LTE maritime footprint covers 93% of the world’s total coastlines. Our global roaming SIM works in all countries with no need to swap local SIM cards and you just pay as you go. The SIM cards can be integrated with the vessel’s satellite connectivity and be comfortably managed through our service portal.

You just need to deploy our global 4G/LTE data SIMs aboard your ships. There is no need to swap local SIM cards as you cross borders. Our SIM comes with a single interface – no dealing with multiple local contracts, top-up methods, invoices, portals, and helpdesks.

We offer significantly more 4G roaming destinations to our customers than any other operator. The coastlines of our 4G destinations represent 93% of the world’s total coastlines. When also including our 3G and 3G+ destinations, 99% of the global coastlines are covered.

Vodafone Maritime Global Coverage List

While 4G/LTE cannot replace satellite connectivity, especially in the deep sea, it offers clear advantages in coastal areas and ports – higher data speeds, lower latencies and costs.

Why commit a sizeable cost for VSAT connectivity if you can get a 4G/LTE solution for much less? Every month, you just pay as you go, based on your needs – Megabyte, Gigabyte, or Terrabyte bundles, priced per maritime zones.

Take advantage of our very favourable roaming costs in Vodafone countries – e.g. whilst passing the Street of Gibraltar, Bosporus or Suez Channel or during port visits in Mumbai, Cape Town, Accra or down under in Sydney! In other countries, we use our commercial scale in negotiations with foreign networks to achieve the lowest possible roaming rates for you.

Vodafone commissioned the Near Shore Connectivity research to determine the value mobile data connectivity can bring to commercial shipping. The ubiquity of cellular networks and near universal coverage of 4G/LTE networks means that ship operators can leverage this technology to off load large non-timecritical datasets when in port or whilst transiting coastal waters.

The whitepaper research was conducted by Futurenautics, and nearly 6,000 deep-sea commercial ships were represented in the survey. Futurenautics also spoke with software and hardware manufacturers to get their views on how their solutions are used today, how exponential technologies will drive data growth in future and determine whether 4G/LTE should take more of a strategic role in shipboard communications.

Read a summary of the report

Download the whitepaper

Click to view infographic of the findings

Vodafone recently collaborated with Boston-based company Sea Machines to complete the first ever autonomous voyage over 1,000 nautical miles, providing a small commercial tugboat with near shore 4G roaming connectivity.

Learn more about the autonomous shipping project

You want to connect your vessels, passengers, and crews?

You want to connect your vessels, passengers, and crews?

The maritime industry's hunger for data bandwidth is growing. All types of vessels send and receive operational data, their crews and passengers want to catch up with their digital lives during the journey. For a long time, satellite communication was the only way to stay connected. However, things have changed in recent years…

Mobile networks are available and faster than satellites!

Mobile networks are available and faster than satellites!

Recent research shows that commercial vessels spend about 18 days per month under mobile coverage, while passing coastal waters or staying in ports. In more than 90% of countries, mobile broadband speeds are available through 4G/LTE networks. They are significantly faster than satellite data connections!

Enjoy the benefits

Cost advantages versus satellite communications

Non time-critical vessel data can be offloaded in coastal areas and ports, using more cost-effective 4G networks

Differentiation via hybrid offering

Maritime communications providers can enhance their satellite only offers with a powerful 4G proposition

Crew welfare & satisfaction

By increasing the capacity and speeds, shipping companies can offer their vessel crews more attractive connectivity options

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