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Roaming hub

With Vodafone’s roaming hubs, you connect once to roam with many

One contract, one signalling connection, central service openings and monitoring.

By signing one agreement with us, you can create relationships with all other hub members, including Vodafone networks. Roaming services can be opened without signing additional agreements. We take care of the operational day-to-day tasks: agreement management, signalling connectivity, incident management, and settlement of IOTs managed through our hub.


How it works

Once connected to our hub, you can request and agree service openings with the other hub members:

Hub members181128
GSM footprint181128
GPRS footprint179127
3G footprint178127
CAMEL footprint168124
4G footprint150111
5G footprint2723
VoLTE footprint88
LTE-M footprint108
NB-IoT footprint1916

*As of June 2021. The hub footprint may differ from VRS Global footprint due to different number of hub partners and availability of services.

  • Exchange of SIM cards of both operators
  • SIM card implementations
  • Scheduling and testing
  • Troubleshooting, if needed
  • Validation
  • Commercial launch

The financial settlement is simple:

  • In the bilateral world, you exchange invoices and settle with each of your roaming partners separately.
  • On the hub, you receive one monthly bill which covers all roaming events with all your roaming partners on the hub.

For instance:

  • IPX and Signalling connectivity for cost-effective global coverage
  • Discount negotiations for better wholesale deals & margins
  • Traffic steering for optimal traffic distribution & costs
  • Welcome SMS for better customer experience and regulatory compliance
  • Virtual Home Environment for better customer experience
  • Fraud management for less fraud exposure & costs
What if you could accelerate your service rollout?

What if you could accelerate your service rollout?

Customer expectations are on the rise. Enterprises and consumers are looking for a roam-like-at-home experience: inclusive retail pricing, global coverage & consistent quality. Imagine if you could establish roaming agreements with many operators through one hub connection and have those relationships managed centrally!

Building a bilateral footprint takes many years!

Building a bilateral footprint takes many years!

It’s not only a long but also expensive process. Some operators find it hard to get others to prioritise their opening requests. If they do, it still takes 9 - 12 months to launch roaming … Not to talk about launching with 300 partners in 150 countries – and managing all aspects of those relationships on a day to day basis! 

Enjoy the benefits

Fast time to market

due to fast expansion of your roaming footprint, adding more roaming destinations, more partners per destination & new roaming services

More roaming revenues

due to expansion of your outbound footprint (retail revenues) and of your inbound footprint (visitor revenues)

Lower operating costs

due to simplified roaming setup (one interface for many partners), saving operating expenses for managing bilateral relationships

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Trusted partner & global roaming powerhouse

Benefit from our extensive hub footprint:
  • 180+ networks in 135+ countries
  • GSM, GPRS & CAMEL in 120+ countries
  • 4G in 110+ countries
  • 5G in 20+ countries
  • LPWA in 5+ countries
global reach

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