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Vodafone roaming services

Vodafone roaming services, your global partner in wholesale roaming

Helping your travellers, applications and things to roam the world

We manage the global roaming connectivity for Vodafone and other businesses. We ensure over 750 million mobile customers and devices can confidently connect in virtually every country of the world. More than 90 mobile operators and other businesses, including some of the world's top players,use our roaming services.

We have a mission: We connect away from home

We strive to excel in roaming to grow value for our customers and for Vodafone.

In the early days of roaming, each Vodafone market established and maintained its own bilateral relationships with its roaming partners. In 2005, we started overcoming Vodafone’s fragmented trading position by centrally coordinating discount deals. In 2009, Vodafone Roaming Services was launched in Luxembourg, uniting Vodafone’s local wholesale roaming capabilities into a global, end-to-end business unit.

Our offering

Tailored, global connectivity solutions

Sponsored Roaming

Sponsored Roaming

Instant global outbound roaming footprint for mobile operators & MVNOs.

Roaming Hub

Roaming Hub

Enhance your outbound & inbound roaming footprint (2G, 3G, 4G, 5G).

Professional Services

Professional Services

Tailored consultancy, managed wholesale services (full / partial outsourcing).                  

Maritime Mobility

Maritime Mobility

Near-shore broadband data connectivity for vessel fleets.

Travel Mobility

Travel Mobility

White-label connectivity for travellers (traditional SIM, eSIM & SoftSIM solutions).

Contact us

Contact us

Let’s explore how we can support your business.                        

Why Vodafone Roaming Services?

We have 90+ communications providers in 60+ countries leverage Vodafone’s vast expertise, commercial scale and central capabilities.

Truly global connectivity

Signalling & IPX connectivity with >700 networks; GSM, GPRS, 3G & CAMEL in >210, 4G in >180, 5G in >15 destinations

Relentless quality focus

Voice & data speeds above GSMA standards; automated testing in >210 destinations; >90% of roaming traffic under real time monitoring

Trusted B2B partner

B2B solutions since 2005; proven, operator-grade platforms; one-stop shopping; member of Vodafone Group

Commercial scale

Trading traffic of >50 operators with our roaming partners; >280 central discount negotiations p.a., central financial settlement & counter fraud management

Efficient infrastructure

End-to-end capabilities; fully virtualised platforms; highly efficient workflows, real time big data analytics; large-scale AI deployment

Industry expertise

>180 roaming experts; recognised global influencers & drivers of industry standards; winner of numerous industry awards & recognitions

We have been roaming pioneers since day one

1991Vodafone and Telecom Finland make the world’s first international roaming call
1992Vodafone and Telecom Finland sign the world’s first international GSM roaming agreement
2001The world’s first 3G roaming call between Spain and Japan
Launch of the first pan-European roaming tariff (Eurocall)
2002Launch of the world’s first international prepay top-up
Launch of the first commercial European GPRS roaming services
2005Vodafone closes its first group wholesale roaming deal
Launch of the first Roam-Like-At-Home tariff (Vodafone Passport)
2009Foundation and go-live of Vodafone Roaming Services in Luxembourg
2013Vodafone starts rolling out 4G roaming between 4 countries
Vodafone completes the centralisation of its >6,500 roaming relationships
2014The GSMA adopts Vodafone’s simplified way of testing new service openings award for its unique central wholesale roaming services with fully integrated business processes
2015GSMA award for our Sponsored Roaming service
Global Telecoms Business award for being first at centralising the roaming traffic steering of 17 Vodafone networks award for accelerated 4G roaming rollout
2016Global Telecoms Business awards for our accelerated 4G roaming rollout, quality commitment and drive to continuously increase data speeds
2017Ovum names Vodafone as the leader in 4G roaming, offering significantly more 4G roaming destinations to its customers than any other operator
Global Telecoms Business award for best care for roamers
2019Vodafone launches 5G roaming across 5 markets
2020Kaleido Intelligence ranks Vodafone as the industry lead in Sponsored Roaming

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