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Sponsored Roaming: Instant global roaming connectivity

What if you could offer truly global roaming connectivity?

Imagine if you could offer your customers voice and data connectivity in virtually any country across the world. And imagine you could provide a roaming experience that beats your competitors' roaming offers and attracts the high value customers.

Building a competitive footprint takes many years though!

It’s not only a long but also expensive process. It takes you 9 - 12 months to launch roaming with just one partner network … Not to talk about launching in, let's say 150 countries with 2 partners each – and managing all aspects of those relationships on a day to day basis!

Use Vodafone's global roaming footprint to get voice, text, and data connectivity in virtually any country


With Vodafone Sponsored Roaming, you could get the world in three months

Our solution is based on the so-called Dual IMSI technology. Your own customer identifier (IMSI) is used in your home country and where you have own roaming agreements. In destinations where you don't have coverage, the SIM automatically uses the Vodafone IMSI and identifies your roamers as Vodafone customers.

Sponsored roaming

Usually, there is no SIM card swap or giving out a new phone number. They don’t even notice they are using a sponsored network!

Sponsored roaming
<strong>Use Case: Telecom26</strong>

Use Case: Telecom26

“Our leadership in worldwide connectivity and coverage is supported through our long-term partnership with VRS, which helps us to bring new solutions to market. Telecom26 is delighted to have enabled eSIM solutions for our customers, benefitting our whole community and accelerating the long-term shift towards eUICC.” - Nicola Berardocco, CEO of Telecom26

Use Case: Sponsored Roaming

Use Case: Sponsored Roaming

“It’s a pleasure to work with the Vodafone team that shares and maintains the same motivations for winning IOT business within a complex global arena. Their service and support are unwavering, and our business relationship remains a trusted partnership.” - VP of Marketing, leading global software company.

Enjoy the benefits

Better customer experience

Due to more destinations & networks, generating more usage from connected people, applications & things.

Generate additional revenues

At predictable wholesale costs, thanks to Vodafone's scale in wholesale negotiation.

Beat your competitors

In roaming by leveraging Vodafone’s leading roaming offer, attracting high value customers (roamers).

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Partner with the global #1 in sponsored roaming

Benefit from our truly global footprint:
  • 700+ networks, 190+ countries (230+ destinations)
  • Data, voice & SMS in virtually every country
  • CAMEL for prepaid customers in >210 destinations
  • A leading 4G footprint with 180+ destinations
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