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Vodafone travel mobility: short-term global connectivity

Short term travel connectivity for people and things

Short term travel connectivity for people and things

More and more international travellers don’t use roaming offers of their home providers, for cost reasons. Many purchase travel SIMs or app-based connectivity bundles before arrival. While cost conscious, they want to stay connected to their digital lives – with their smartphones and gadgets. Hence, their need for quality coverage, high data speeds, and easy connectivity handling, in their own language.

What if you could increase your chances in this segment?

What if you could increase your chances in this segment?

You are a specialised travel SIM provider wanting to upgrade your offering? Possibly a mobile operator looking for extra revenues that are currently out of reach? Or are you an application, e-commerce or device player considering connectivity as an add-on to your core product or travel portfolio?

With Vodafone's travel mobility solution, you could offer instant, short term connectivity

Our wholesale solution enables travel mobility providers to offer instant, short-term connectivity for use in smartphones, MiFi devices or other things. You can customise the offer in many ways – for instance, the branding, the geographical scope and the SIM format. You could also provision and manage your SIMs in real time via our comprehensive set of APIs.


Enjoy the benefits

Incremental revenues for mobile operators

Tap into the alternative roaming market to generate incremental revenues from users that are out of reach

Differentiation for travel SIM providers

Upgrade your offers in a competitive market by partnering with Vodafone, the global roaming powerhouse

Differentiation & auxiliary revenues for application, e-commerce or device players

Use travel connectivity to augment your core product or travel services portfolio

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Benefit from our extensive global & commercial scale:
  • Vodafone’s central wholesale roaming entity
  • Roaming relationships with 700+ partners across 190+ countries (230+ destinations)
  • Annual discount negotiations, financial settlement,  and roaming fraud management

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